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Academic Advising at CCON

Academic Advising is available at Columbia College of Nursing (CCON) for all students. Academic Advising is a continuous process that begins with a collaborative relationship between the student and the Advisor. Through advising, students will be encouraged to become engaged in their education, meet their goals and develop an effective habit of learning.

At CCON, the Academic Advisor is available by email or phone appointment and through open walk-in hours to assist you with:

    • Course selection and scheduling

    • New student transitioning

    • Touch point advising

    • Life planning

    • Mental health concerns

    • Continuing education counseling

    • Study skills

    • Time management

    • Test anxiety

    • Connect you with resources and additional support services

The Advisors Role in the Academic Advising Process is to:

    • Encourage and support you as you strive to meet your educational goals

    • Be accessible to answer your questions

    • Understand and effectively communicate CCON policies and procedures

    • Listen and respect your individual choices and values

    • Help you define and monitor your academic , personal and career goals

    • Assist and encourage you to make responsible decisions

    • As appropriate, connect you with additional resources and campus offices 

The Students Role in the Academic Advising Process is to:

    • Come prepared to all advising sessions with questions and materials needed

    • Always be clear about your personal values, abilities and goals

    • Identify that advising is a shared responsibility and accept final accountability for all decisions

    • Be an active learner by participating fully in the advising experience

    • Ask questions

    • Reach out and make appointments with the advisor when you are in need of assistance;especially when required

    • Become knowledgeable about policies, procedures and requirements 

Academic Resources Available at CCON

  • Student Enrichment Center (SEC) staffed by faculty - Schedule

  • Access to Columbia St. Mary's Library

  • On-campus Computer Lab and other technology services

  • Faculty/Staff office hours

  • Advising services 

Advising Tools

Grading and Quality Points Information

Weighted Average Grade Calculator

Full-time Curriculum Plan


Resources & Handouts

Students can locate resources and handouts on a range of topics on the Student Support Moodle page. For more info, please contact the Academic Advising Office.


Tips to be Successful

  1. Be Kind
    Strive to be to your classmates what you should be to your patients.

  2. Be Positive
    It will be important for you to believe in yourself. You made it this far for a reason!

  3. Be Respectful
    Treat your patients, fellow students, professors, and staff with respect.

  4. Be on time
    Both physically and with assigned work.

  5. Work Minimal hours
    Most students cannot be successful working full time; school needs to be your priority.

  6. Be prepared to work hard
    Take time to determine how to improve your study skills and strategize for the semester ahead.

  7. Use professional language
    Don’t write as you may talk in casual conversations or texting.

  8.  Use your resources
     Think outside the box. Be creative with finding ways to make it through the program. Use what’s available to you.

  9. Faculty and staff are here to help you be successful
    Ask your professors to explain things right away if you do poorly on an exam, quiz or paper. If you don't understand something it’s your responsibility to ask questions.

  10. Don’t whine – win!



Find a study buddy or group
     Create a study group of 2 to 3 people.

Organization & Time management is key
Determine how you will plan to set aside time every day to study. What helps you stay organized?

Come Prepared
Don’t treat the first exam as a trial; treat it as a final

Understand the why and how
Memorization will not work

Set Boundaries
Don't overload your schedule with work hours and time with friends. School needs to come first  


Contact Information

Please email or call one of our advisors to schedule an appointment.

Columbia College of Nursing
ATTN: Academic Advisor
4425 N. Port Washington Rd., Suite #302
Glendale, WI 53212
Phone: (414) 326-2330




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