CorporateWORx Model

Your Prescription for Total Health Management

There is not one business model that works for every company. In the same way, no single occupational health program meets every company’s needs. That is why CorporateWORx provides a variety of program components that can be tailored to meet your employee wellness needs.

Services include:

  • Initial and Ongoing Employee Health Assessments–evaluating physical fitness
    - Work Site Analysis
    - Physical Exams
    - DOT Exams and Drug Testing
    - OSHA Mandate Screenings
    - Respiratory Surveillance Program
    - Hearing Conservation Program
    - OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Education
  • Loss/Injury Management – fast, efficient service in an emergency setting
    - Employee Case/Care Management
    - Safety Consulting Services
  • Industrial Rehabilitation – treatment and conditioning for the injured worker
  • Corporate Consulting/Education – health education and screenings
  • Employee Assistance Program
    - Assessment/Counseling
    - Conflict Resolution/Mediation
    - Employee Seminars
    - Supervisor Training
    - Workplace Crisis Support


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