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Vascular Institute Patient Paula DiamondPaula Diamond of Oak Creek knew she was too young to hurt so much. The discomfort in her lower extremities had become excruciating. “I was in so much pain, I could barely walk,” she said. Some of her favorite activities – riding her bike and walking with her dog, JD – quickly became things of the past.

Paula scheduled an appointment with her doctor, who referred her to a specialist -- the medical director of the Columbia St. Mary’s Vascular Institute. She was diagnosed with Leriche Sydrome, a condition that occurs when the abdominal aortic artery is blocked. This reduces blood flow to the lower body leading to cramping and pain. Her physician recommended a minimally-invasive procedure to repair the blockage and, eventually, eliminate the terrible pain Paula was experiencing. Paula said, “My physician was always honest and up-front with me, something that I think is rare among doctors these days.”

Paula’s recovery is still a work in progress. “I understand that no change is going to happen overnight, but I am definitely feeling a lot better than I was before my procedure!” Paula said.

Paula is thankful that one of the leading vascular specialists in the country is in Milwaukee with the Columbia St. Mary’s Vascular Institute. “I have a friend who searched for the best vascular doctor in Milwaukee, without any concern for cost, and he ended up going with Dr. Feiring,” said Paula. “That, to me, was very comforting and I knew I was being treated by the best.”

Since her procedure, Paula’s life is returning to normal. She’s able to ride her bike again and enjoy activities with her family, including walks with a happy JD!



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