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BSN Completion Program Details

Registered nurses advance their nursing knowledge, experience, and skills to care for patients within complex healthcare environments.  They learn from faculty members with years of nursing experience in various clinical areas, who remain committed to students’ personal and professional development.


Previous Nursing Credits Up to 60 credits
English/Communication 6 credits
Fine Arts or Music 3 credits
History 3 credits
Humanities 3-6 credits

Natural Sciences

Anatomy and Physiology





6-8 credits

3-4 credits

3-4 credits

3-4 credits

Social Sciences




3-6 credits

3 credits

Electives 13-24 credits
BSN Completion Program Courses 30 credits
NUR 470 Contemporary Trends and Issues in Healthcare 3 credits
NUR 471 Pathophysiology for the Practicing Nurse 3 credits
NUR 472 Cultural Diversity and Social Justice in Nursing 3 credits
NUR 473 Informatics and Technology 3 credits
NUR 474 Statistics in Health Professions 3 credits
NUR 475 Scholarship for Evidence-based Practice 3 credits
NUR 476 Community/Public Health Nursing: Local and Global Perspectives 3 credits
NUR 477 Nursing Leadership Quality, Safety, and Outcomes 3 credits
NUR 478 Bioethics 3 credits

NUR 479 BSN Completion Capstone*

*Includes a quality improvement capstone project

3 credits
Simulation Credit 30 credits
Students are eligible to receive up to 30 credits based upon evaluation of prior learning as evidence by successful simulation performance.  Credit evaluation will occur at the beginning of the program.    

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