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Financial Literacy

Paying for college is an investment and can be an initial step towards achieving your career goals and dreams. Financial literacy and understanding the basics of financial management is imperative towards building a healthy financial future. Columbia College of Nursing is excited to offer you these free available tools and resources, to help you fine tune your skillset for building a life of financial health and wellness. These tools are available for you to better understand college costs and affordability, budgeting, and managing loan indebtedness.

GradReady is a resource tool provided by Columbia College of Nursing to help students develop financial wellness knowledge and enhance decision-making for managing personal finances. GradReady consists of three main sections to assist students throughout your college career and beyond.

  1. Paying for College
  2. Money Management
  3. Real-World Finance


Financial Awareness Counseling

Financial Awareness Counseling is a valuable financial literacy tool provided by the Department of Education to help students better understand the impacts of student loan debt and help manage your finances. This tool is a great resource for anyone who is planning on paying for or is already paying for college.

Repayment Calculator

Students can calculate estimated repayment options by looking up their total amount borrowed and interest rates on secured loans, via the NSLDS website listed above. Please note: this calculator estimates repayments using the standard repayment option. For additional, repayment options, please contact your loan servicer(s).

Borrower Responsibility

Student loans are a great option to help you pay for your college education and begin your journey of financial wellness. However, it is important that you understand how to borrow responsibly. Steps towards responsible borrowing include calculating your budget to determine exactly what is necessary to help cover the costs of your education, along with understanding what you can afford when the time comes to repay your student loans. For more information, provided by the Department of Education to help you better understand how to borrower responsibly, please visit:

If you need any assistance with repaying and/or managing your student loans please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Department by calling 414-326-2337 or emailing: