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Columbia College of Nursing
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Our Curriculum

The Columbia College of Nursing BSN Degree Program provides students with the latest instruction in nursing science, to prepare them for the complexities and challenges of professional nursing and the health care field.

Each semester, students take theory and clinical courses. Students also chose from elective courses, such as Peri-operative Nursing, Bioethics, Global Nursing Practice, and Cultural Diversity and Social Justice. The Global Nursing Practice elective includes travel and practice experiences in such places as Kenya, Nicaragua, or New Orleans.

Throughout the curriculum, students participate in high-fidelity simulations in the Clinical Nursing and Simulation Center, which are designed to enhance student experiences beyond the classroom and clinical settings. At Columbia College of Nursing, simulation is used to enhance clinical experiences, rather than replace clinical time.

Students at Columbia College of Nursing take courses established through a curriculum centered on knowing, doing, and being, which CCON faculty believe are all essential components of becoming an effective nurse.  Students expand their knowledge in theory-based courses in the classroom setting, and develop their professional practice experience through performance in clinical agencies.  In additional, students focus on self-development of becoming a nurse, and growing as an individual, in a discussion-based Role Development course each semester.


Clinical Learning and Simulation Lab

The Clinical Learning and Simulation Center is located on the Lower Level of the Columbia College of Nursing. It houses 9 practice patient beds, 2 adult high fidelity simulation rooms, and 1 infant high fidelity simulation room. Through simulation, the CCON faculty utilize hands-on, evidence-based approaches to foster student learning. Simulation allows students to practice complex nursing assessments and interventions in a safe environment, as they prepare for real-life nursing practice. CCON students have access to the Clinical Learning and Simulation Lab for additional practice opportunities, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.