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After working in the construction industry for a number of years, Lauren Boguslawske realized the next road he wanted to pave was the path to becoming a nurse.  He knew he wanted a job that would allow him to make a difference in the lives of others and support them during their most vulnerable moments.   After looking at nursing school options, he realized Columbia College of Nursing (CCON) was the best fit for him, due to the small class sizes and strong faculty.

While at CCON, Lauren successfully balances a rigorous academic program, community involvement, and service as the Student Nursing Association (SNA) President.  Through his leadership, the student group completed numerous fundraisers, drives, and volunteer experiences.  For example, Lauren led a clothing drive that donated over 150 new pairs of socks and undergarments to homeless veterans, a food drive that prepared 109 sandwiches for a homeless shelter in Milwaukee, and an arts and crafts drive that provided over 200 items to an urban child care center.  His enthusiasm for the work he does attracted other students to the SNA, resulting in a 30% increase in student membership.

To help him balance all that he does, Lauren is thankful for receiving financial aid, including the Wisconsin Grant.  “Receiving the Wisconsin Grant has allowed me to reduce my work schedule and focus on my studies and community service work,” Lauren emphasized. 

Lauren, now a senior student who will graduate in December 2018, is grateful to be studying at Columbia College of Nursing.  Lauren shared, “CCON has given me a platform to make a difference in my community, as well as to hone my leadership skills.  My education at CCON has allowed me to further develop my knowledge, skills, and abilities as a future registered nurse and forced me to acknowledge my strengths, weaknesses, and values.  It has also required me to step out of my comfort zone and shoulder new challenges.”

When Lauren graduates, he hopes to work on a medical surgical floor to develop a strong practice base.  He then wants to become a dialysis nurse and manage a dialysis clinic.  Eventually, he plans to complete a Master of Science in Nursing degree.  In addition, he has political aspirations, first serving in a civic engagement or advocacy role, and eventually running for public office.  Lauren notes that “Nurses are fortunate to have direct interactions with patients, putting us in an ideal position to advocate for vulnerable populations.  Becoming involved in politics provides an opportunity to give a voice to underrepresented social groups.”